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Carrera y Carrera

When you walk into Carrera y Carrera you can tell you are in a place where beauty, artistry and great value reside. To top that off, once through the door you are likely to be greeted by the most gracious people. Daria Levashova is delightful and was kind enough to allow When Art Meets Fashion to show images of Carrerra y Carrera’s finest jewellery within the context of our curatorial theme.

Thank You Daria! Thank You Carrera y Carrera!

Decades Props

Decades Props & Set Dressing

Thank you Thank You Decades Props & Set Dressing for providing me with just what I needed to make the gallery and pop-up boutique comfortable for the artists and the people who are coming to see When Art Meets Fashion.

You delivered right on time so we could set up the boutique and get ready for the launch party and that was greatly appreciated!

Thank you Mark! Thank you Decades Props & Set Dressing. You rock!


Design Indaba

Wow! That’s what I said when I first visited the Design Indaba website. I didn’t know that every year the world’s most talented designers gather in South Africa to share their knowledge and expertise with local designers and others who attend from almost every corner of the globe.  Thanks to Clerissa Visser and William Hickman I am able to share with visitors the extraordinary breath of knowledge of New York’s FIT museum curator Valerie Steele and Mexican fashion designer Carla Fernandez.

Thanks Clerissa, William and Design Indaba!


Fashion and Costume Designer

Morganne Tree Newson

Oh, my Gosh!!! That’s what pops into my head when I think of how Morganne Tree Newson blew my mind and everyone else’s at the When Art Meets Fashion launch party. That day we found out this modest soul has dressed Beyonce, Usher, Britney Spears, Jane Seymour, Ertha Kitt, Sarah Polley, Catherine O’Hara, Kate Mara and more.. Yep! That’s right, she was not only there, she lent us the custom designed ensemble she created for Elizabeth Calderhead. Elizabeth wore Tree’s fabulous outfit when she accepted the 2017 Canadian Screen Award for Best Production Design for the TV series Orphan Black. Tree helped make the night classy and memorable.  For that I am uber-grateful. Thanks! Tree, you are awesome!

Sheldon Universe website snapshot-3


Sheldon Universe

Sheldon Universe is talented. There is no question about that. Why do I say that? If you were at the When Art Meets Fashion launch party you would know. Sheldon came to me with an idea for the party. How about dancers he said. I said, “ dancers?” Then I thought about it, we brainstormed and I left him to pull it together. He blew everybody away bringing to the party two gorgeous, leggy women who performed an edgy, poetic dance that incorporated our theme. It was beautiful and that’s not just my opinion. The entire gallery audience was awed. Thanks Sheldon! Let your talent rip…..

Sherwood _web_2

Sherwood Digital Copy and Print

I contracted Sherwood Digital Copy and Print to produce a number of our photographs. Amit and Yamini understood what I needed and that I needed it yesterday and produced in record time.

Thank You Amit and Yamini and Sherwood Digital Copy and Print!



When the idea of the exhibit When Art Meets Fashion was first conceived, I was at a loss about where I could set up and not sink myself financially. After a long time looking around I was finally able to get a spot in Cumberland Terrace, thanks to the team at Triovest. As expected a leased space in Yorkville has taken up a large chunk of my budget but what’s great is I have a space at Bay and Bloor and now I must work very hard to recoup my costs.


Real Estate Agent Royal LePage Your Community Realty

Jack Maniscola

My partner Jack is solid as a rock and that is no cliché. He has provided financial and emotional support throughout my exciting and at times obstacle ridden journey to make When Art Meets Fashion a reality.  I owe him a lot and will work very hard to make him proud of me and consider his investment more than worthwhile .

Thanks partner!!!!!!!

Sheeba Magazine-snapshot

Sheeba Magazine

An online fashion magazine that’s bold and creative. It will more than tickle your imagination. When I was looking for photographers to participate in When Art Meets Fashion I reached out to Dana Smith at Sheeba who could not have been more helpful.


Thanks Dana! Thanks Sheeba Magazine!


Zana Ancerl

Zana Ancerl


What can I say about Zana…. she’s simply an awesome human being, talented, creative, reliable, genuine and much more. Zana shows off one aspect of her talent in an edited version of  a video she produced on Art and Fashion in the 80s.  TV’s multi-award winning Orphan Black is soooo lucky to have Zana working on the show and I’m a lucky girl too! She gifted the gallery an Ottoman.

Thanks Zana!

Aireon _web

AieronTVideo Sales Service and Installation

Les at Aieron is a terrific guy. He is not just super knowledgeable about TVs and Videos, he’s a nice person. When I told him I was putting on my exhibit and that I needed a TV monitor to run videos, he didn’t hesitate for one minute. Thanks to Les I have a 32” TV monitor which now sits happily in the gallery educating and entertaining visitors


Thank You Les! Thank You AieronTVideo Sales Service and Installation!

silhouette-cleaner-mop-standing-job-janitor (1)

Digital Janitor

I contracted Hugh Duncan to help me with the When Art Meets Fashion website. Hugh has been taking care of the quirks and quarks of computers for quite a while and he knows his stuff.

Thanks Hugh aka Digital Janitor!


Tina Walter

Sister to the rescue! That’s right! A day before the exhibit my computer died. Yes! I couldn’t believe it! Well, my sister said No Problem, got me a computer and the show went on.


Thanks sis! Love you!

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

  • Stan Griffin, former President and CEO Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • Joan Young, former financial advisor, Joan Young Financial Services, former member the Million Dollar Roundtable
  • Joan Spence, owner Spence Gallery
  • Julie Crooks, PHD, ROM Department of World Cultures
  • Stephen Wagg, Independent Interior Designer formerly with Gluckstein Design Planning Inc.
  • Jack Maniscola, Award Winning Real Estate Agent, Royal Lepage


A big thank you to my advisory board members,  all of whom agreed to give me advice if I ever needed it. Thanks!